With the mission of offering services based on the application of cutting-edge scientific know-how, TIMGEO emerges as an attractive option for customers and partners who require utmost technical excellence and efficient solutions in the following areas:

»  Groundwater Management,
»  Remediation of contaminated aquifers,
»  Dewatering of mines.

Three major and interrelated work areas characterize our portfolio:

The TIMGEO's most important differential is its broad know-how and close collaboration with the renowned Centre of Applied Geoscience (ZAG) of the University of Tübingen (Germany), which has an international reputation of excellence in European environmental research.

Our customers and partners are industries, brownfield property owners, mining companies and consulting companies necessitating our services to achieve specific demands of their projects and clients.

In order to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers, partners, regulators, environmental protection agencies and other stakeholders, we consider the most advanced technical-scientific knowledge and appropriated tools in each activity of our portfolio:

»  Development of conceptual site models (interpretation of geological, hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical data)

Example: Conceptual geological-structural model of a contaminated site

»  Mathematical modeling of groundwater flow and advective-dispersive and reactive transport of solutes (e.g. contaminants)

Example: Simulation of NAPL dissolution (transient source depletion), reactive transport of an oxidizable hydrocarbon considering the consumption of multiple electron acceptors (oxygen, nitrate, iron and sulfate), redox-dependent isotope fractionation and quantification of corresponding natural attenuation processes.

»  Computer-based optimization and planning of remediation strategies and dewatering of mines

Example: Optimization of wells positions and pumping rates for a separate capture of two distinct contaminant plumes

In Brazil we operate through TIMGEO do Brasil Ltda, a Brazilian company accredited by CONFEA/CREA (Federal Council of Engineering and Agronomy/Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy). Companies not registered at CREA cannot sign or be responsible for any projects of our field of expertise in Brazil. Therefore, we also represent an ideal project partner for European/international enterprises and/or research institutions in Brazilian projects.